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Training Course

Propagation of Indigenous and Naturalised Fruit Trees in Southern Africa

VPR&D is offering a two week course on basic indigenous fruit tree propagation studies, with special reference to the production practices for producing potentially high quality seedlings that produce fruit early.

All participants will learn how to set-up and implement a proper plant management programme. Participants will be led through the whole process, hands-on, starting from germplasm collection, seed germination, vegetative propagation, to site seletion, preparation and planting as well as water harvesting techniques for trees.

The course will be a mix of basic theory and application and will focus on indigenous and naturalised fruit trees and herbal teas commonly found in Southern Africa.

This 10-day course will include theory and practical on:

  • Selection of superior phenotypes in the wild
  • Germplasm selection
  • Basics of germplasm storage and transportation
  • Techniques for root stock preparation
  • Techniques for seed propagation
  • Techniques for grafting and budding
  • Seedling planting and management
  • Plant management (thinning, pruning, tree shaping)

Course Dates : April 16th to April 26th

Please register by Feb. 15, 2002

Course fee will be BwP 5000 per participant.

This fee includes teaching material, basic grafting and budding tools, morning tea and lunch. This fee does not include accommodation, breakfast, dinner or travel. It is assumed that the respective employers will provide for these.

All enquiries should be addressed to:

Mr S.M. Mateke
Veld Products Research & Development
PO Box 2020 Gaborone Botswana
Tel (267) 347047 Fax (267) 347363

*Course offering is dependent upon a minimum number of participants registering by Feb. 15. 2002.

Course Instructors

Stanley Mateke, MSc.,

Mr Mateke has been conducting research and training for more than 15 years. He received his BSc. Agriculture in 1985, and has subsequently completed an MSc (1993 University of Western Australia) in Horticulture and is pursuing a PhD focusing on Indigenous Plant Domestication and Agroforestry. His main research interests include the physio-eco-agronomy of fruit trees and sustainable use /domestication of wild plants, as well as improvement of wild relatives of important tree crops and their interaction with annual crops. Mr Mateke has published 5 Field manuals on IFT and has presented VPR&D's work on IFT at several international seminars, workshops and training courses through sponsorship of UN supported departments on the above topics.

Power Balatlhane Tshikae, BSc.,

Mr. Tshikae graduated from the University of Botswana in Agricultural Sciences in 1996 (BSc ) and is currently in the final stages of obtaining a MPhil in Ecology. He has 3 years of ecological research experience in Botswana and 6 months teaching experience. Since February 2001, he has served as VPR&D's Assistant Team Leader in the Research and Extension Department.

Technical Assistants

Technical Assistants will be available to provide on-the- spot training support during practical sessions.

Mr Kago Phofuetsile has 6 years of practical experience training farmers, Agricultural College students, and service providers from other NGOs in Botswana and the region to perform grafting techniques.

Mr Meleko Thumpe is an agroforestry technician with several years of field experience.

Miss Amogelang Kwenaetswenyo has 4 years of nursery techniques experience.

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